Recent Testimonials from Parent Survey 2019

  • They have the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace, with support where needed.

  • Enjoys playing with his friends which he has already made in the village and loves the outdoor space 

  • My child loves being at Pre-school and would go every day if possible

  • Staffing levels are a good ratio to children and they get to build a relationship with an individual key worker to build trust

  • He is developing well, has Independence and confidence.

  • We have been impressed with his development since he started. His speech has come on significantly and he is learning numbers, shapes etc

  • His sociability has improved and his speech

  • His language has developed lots, his interaction with other children outside of school has improved

  • Great guidance, encouragement and praise is given at all times

  • My daughter has learnt so much, she’s going to be more then ready to start big school in September. 

  • My child has made great progress in all areas and is being well prepared for school

  • We can see from the work they bring home from noticing numbers, letters and words and how they're art work has improved so much

  • The teachers are approachable and are willing to have a chat about what he has been up to. All staff caring and kind

  • All teachers know all the children well, all their individual needs and preferences, and go out of their way to involve parents in the children's day at preschool

  • There are high standards for behaviour, how the children treat others etc, as a result the children are polite and well behaved. The teachers are polite to the children and as a result they receive the same in return (hopefully!!)

  • There is good organisation and discipline if needed. All children are treated equally. 

  • The staff are consistent and always friendly and approachable. 

  • The manager seems to be very organised and a strong leader. She is approachable, personable and comes across as someone who wants the children and nursery to succeed

  • Information provided regularly. All staff seem to be on the same page. Management is approachable and fair. 

  • Always make time to discuss any issues and report back

  • Any concerns are quickly dealt with and looked at for solutions if needed.

  • Pre-school staff are always available to talk to with any concerns whether it's at the school gate, via email or by calling.

  • I’ve never felt worried to express my opinion or views and felt them always taken serious

  • Tapestry updates are so lovely to receive and give good indication of development 

  • The online journal is constantly updated and I get feed back from most sessions on how my child has been. 

  • Weekly updates via Tapestry are very valuable to me as are the messages and info passed on at collection and drop off 

  • Good updates at pick up and on tapestry.

  • It excels in giving the children access to the outdoors, both in the garden and with Forest school.

  • So many things they excel at: fantastic with the children, listen to parents needs/concerns, very flexible to accommodate child’s/ parents requirements. Always friendly, welcoming and helpful.

  • The preschool is excellent at giving parent feedback on their children and great nurturing of all age groups of children.

  • My star reason for this pre school is definitely its staff. Lovely ladies. They love all the children, and all want the best for them all. 

  • This is one of the best pre schools around

  • The Pre-school excels in retaining highly skilled caring staff who really understand our children.

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