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At Fernhurst Pre-school we strive to create a happy atmosphere where children feel secure and confident enough to learn. We encourage parents/carers and children to visit the Pre-school several times during the term before a child intends to start, so they become familiar with the surroundings and staff. We urge parents/carers to stay for these visits to ease the transition from home to Pre-school.

Parents will find all the staff very experienced in dealing with young children, and although some children can find the moment of parting difficult, it is extremely rare for a child to be distressed for longer than a few minutes. They soon understand that although parents leave the Pre-school, they do return later. In the unlikely case of continuing distress, a parent would be informed and asked to return. You are welcome to telephone during the session to establish how your child has settled.

At first, some younger children may become tired towards the end of the session, and if you feel this is likely to happen you are welcome to collect your child earlier when he or she first starts. Although many children are toilet trained when they start Pre-school, this is not a condition of acceptance at Fernhurst Pre-school. Many parents find that once their child starts at Pre-school and sees other children using the toilet, they are encouraged to behave like the ‘big’ boys and girls and very quickly want to emulate them. Please feel free to discuss this with the staff.

All children have their own drawers for their bags and outdoor clothes and are helped to be responsible for their own possessions and are encouraged to be independent.

Watch our tour of the garden being brushed up and ready for welcoming children after a half term...

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