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Welcome Back

We are so happy to be able to welcome everyone back in September and gain a sense of normality with the children able to see their friends once again. The thought of bringing your child back to school after the summer break may feel quite worrying. Please be reassured that we have read through all the government guidelines and carried out a thorough school risk assessment to ensure that the pre- school is as safe as we can make for children, staff and parents.  We recognise that some children may require a hug and this will still happen, we will remain the same warm, caring and loving school.  

In order for us to act responsibly and remain open we ask you to respect the guidelines in place and read through our latest risk assessment.  We shall be continuing to update, monitor and revise guidelines as the pandemic progresses but our main focus will always be to ensure we offer a safe, caring and loving environment.

Latest Covid Guidelines:

During these unprecedented times it is important to follow Government Guidelines and hygiene routines.  The measures set out in this document are mostly common sense & part of normal everyday practice at Fernhurst Pre-school.  This document will be updated as and when there are changes to Government guidance.  

How we respond to this pandemic as adults and role models will determine the crisis response mechanisms of an entire generation.  Model positivity, resilience and calmness at all times.

Please click on this link to review our risk assessment: