Lunch & Snack Time


We offer a Lunch session Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to all children who wish to participate. On Tuesdays we offer an extended lunchtime session from 12noon to 13:00pm linking the morning and afternoon sessions, for the children in the year group starting school the following September. Children have the option from the Spring Term onwards to choose a hot meal option provided by Chartwells, more information on this can be found at or Children bring a packed lunch and drink from home to eat with their friends at Pre-school. This is under the close supervision of at least three members of staff, joining the primary school children in the main school hall, or Oscars room.


We charge £6.00 per child for the lunch session to cover operational costs.


We promote a healthy eating policy; therefore, fresh fruit and vegetables are encouraged and fizzy drinks and sweets are discouraged. Please put an ice-pack in your child’s lunchbox on warm days.

During Pre-school sessions we offer the children a drink of milk and pieces of raw fruit and vegetable. Water is available at all times for the children to help themselves to a drink.  We ensure that children with allergies are made aware to all staff and procedures are followed.