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Speech and Language

Speech, language and communication skills are crucial to young children's overall development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child's development. Since the Covid pandemic we have noticed a decline in children's speech, especially in pronunciation. We have made this a focus area and are keen to bridge the gap.

At Fernhurst Preschool we continually monitor and observe our children to ensure we are supporting them in their daily play.  We use a wide range of monitoring tools to effectively plan their next steps and support their development.  We continually look to ensure our setting is a communication friendly place for children and adults who visit.  We offer a wide range of resources to ensure we provide a diverse and fulfilling environment for children to flourish.


Below is a list of useful websites and publications to support this:






Activities to encourage listening and attention skills:

Run and Touch - best played outside, run and touch things - swing, chair, tree etc

Silly Stories - read a familiar story, make a silly mistake and see if the children notice

Hide and Seek

Tick Tock - hide a clock or something that makes a sound and see if the children can find it

I Spy

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